Author: Jason Joachim

5 Signs It’s Time to Automate Dimensioning

Optimizing and automating the pallet dimensioning process is a rapidly developing method to increase efficiency for LTL carriers and other logistics organizations. In order to stay competitive, companies around the world are now using pallet dimensioning solutions from Cargo Spectre to save themselves time, money, and aggravation. Are you interested in adding fast, accurate dimensioning […]

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How Automated Dimensioners Shift the Cost of Inefficient Packaging from Carriers to Shippers

For LTL freight carriers, nothing is more wasteful than inefficient packaging. It wastes trees to make excess cardboard for packages that are too big for products being transported. It wastes space on trailers in an era when trucking capacity is stagnant. And it wastes fuel for extra trucks to move those excessively large packages. The […]

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Transport Logistics Takeaways: Why European Carriers are Adopting Automation Faster

Cargo Spectre was thrilled with the opportunity to meet and interact with so many cargo transportation and logistics professionals at the incredible Transport Logistic trade show in Munich, Germany! It was our first overseas conference experience, and it was wonderful to make new acquaintances from Europe and around the world and to learn more about […]

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