How We Used the Cloud to Revolutionize Freight Dimensioners

At Cargo Spectre, we’re well aware that there are other freight dimensioner systems out there. So what makes our system more advanced and user-friendly than our competitors? Our proprietary dimensioning software. The hardware used in every Cargo Spectre dimensioner can be bought at any electronics store around the world. But our software is a work of art that was born in a warehouse and continues to revolutionize pallet and parcel dimensioning around the world. 

Machine learning is the key. As soon as it’s installed, our thoroughly tested machine-learning software is accurate to .5 inches and is able to automatically deduce objects in the foreground and background and separate them from the freight being dimensioned. What makes it special is that it learns. Because our systems worldwide have been exposed to incredible amounts of cargo data, our system filters people, poles, forklifts, and much more—and it gets smarter every day.

Because Cargo Spectre learns from every pallet or parcel it scans, your dimensioner doesn’t just become more accurate and consistent every time you use it. It actually becomes more accurate and consistent every time anyone uses Cargo Spectre anywhere in the world. Although we never share your completely anonymous data with anyone, every Cargo Spectre customer reaps the reward of our machine-learning system’s continuous improvement.

Unlike every other cargo dimensioning option, Cargo Spectre does not require a large, upfront investment. Because the secret to our systems’ success is in our machine-learning software, our equipment comprises off-the-shelf, non-proprietary hardware that is affordable on any budget. Our software requires only a $500 per month fee to use. It’s incredible affordable and completely scalable to any warehouse operation, large or small. 

Cargo Spectre’s game-changing software can offer advantages other dimensioning systems can’t:

  1. Unprecedented affordability
  2. Continuous improvement in accuracy
  3. No development team required
  4. Shorter wait times for parts/installation
  5. Non-proprietary hardware available worldwide
  6. Remote troubleshooting
  7. Monthly cost vs. upfront cost
  8. Virtually zero downtime

If you’re ready to make the world’s smartest dimensioning system part of your warehouse team, contact us today. Our warehouse operations experts are standing by to recommend a custom dimensioning solution tailored to your organization’s specific needs.