Cargo Spectre provides direct support to developers working to integrate our systems into their organization’s workflows. For help with installation, troubleshooting, or optimization, please contact our team of freight dimensioning experts for 24/7 developer support.


Cargo Spectre offers complete API support so you can easily integrate our freight data platform into your existing workflow. Our API uses HTTP REST/SOAP. The default port used is 7100, but this is configurable in a location configuration file (config.xml). Requests are made as either a POST or GET request to the server’s IP address on the specified port. The server responds with either XML or binary data in the case of a file request. Our API is not encrypted, and should only be used in local networks if message privacy is important.

Use above pallet wrap machines, conveyor belts, with a scale, on a forklift, or above a table.


Use our API, use our web-hosted interface, or use your own for one low monthly cost.


Man receiving software developer support.


Some customers need to integrate their Cargo Spectre machines with proprietary software. We offer three different ways to transfer API calls to individual Cargo Spectre machines. View our software integration guide and choose the integration method that works best for your business!