Support is at the heart of our quality of service. We understand deploying dimensioning technology in a warehouse environment is tough, and can take some time to transition away from older data collection methods. Our support staff is here to help at a moments notice. Just check out our google reviews if you don’t believe us. We can’t wait to be your best vendor! 


Cargo Spectre works with every client to customize our freight data platform to fit their existing hardware and software or to create new solutions to better serve their Full 24/7 support is included in every monthly service plan. We will never charge an additional service fee or try to sell you a warranty. Instead, we will work around the clock to resolve any problem that may arise with your Cargo Spectre system at no extra charge.

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Competing freight data systems require a technician and expensive parts to repair when something goes wrong. Cargo Spectre offers 24/7 support to keep your system up and running with only limited downtime. We use remote access to diagnose issues quickly, and the parts we use are common and affordable. Most issues can be resolved remotely within 30 minutes—no on-site visit necessary.



Cargo Spectre is designed to fit seamlessly into any warehouse operation.

Our adaptable hardware fits anywhere you need it. Mount Cargo Spectre scanners above a pallet wrap machine, over a conveyor belt, above a scale, or above a table.

Whether you already have weighing equipment you love or you’re looking for a complete freight-weighing solution, Cargo Spectre has options for you.

Cargo Spectre works with every client to customize our freight data platform to fit their existing software or to create new solutions that better serve their needs.

From local databases to international cloud storage, Cargo Spectre can optimize our freight data platform to store your data where you want it.