How Cargo Spectre Protects Freight Owners’ Revenue

freight owners

In the logistics industry, precision matters. Any mismatch in freight dimensions and classifications can lead to significant revenue leaks for freight owners. Surcharges and chargebacks ensure that carriers are compensated for discrepancies in shipment details, but these fees can seriously hurt freight owners’ revenues. Cargo Spectre, a game-changer in affordable freight dimensioning, helps freight owners eliminate the costs associated with inaccurate freight measurements and incorrect freight classification by catching them as soon as freight enters the warehouse.

What are Freight Surcharges?

Surcharges, also known as chargebacks or reclass fees, are additional charges that freight carriers can impose when the actual characteristics of a shipment do not match the billing details. For freight owners, these fees can mean the difference between a profit and a loss. Ensuring that the dimensions of your freight are 100% accurate used to be a resource-intensive and error-prone task. Thanks to Cargo Spectre, it’s now quick and easy.

Cargo Spectre freight dimensioners quickly and accurately determine whether the dimensions of scanned freight align with its assigned class. When carriers flag discrepancies for chargeback, freight owners can use the NTEP-certified data collected by Cargo Spectre to confidently dispute reclass fees, ensuring that every piece of cargo generates the revenue it should based on its true physical properties.

There are many ways our innovative technology protects the bottom line of freight owners:

1. Accurate Billing
Freight carriers often work with shipping classes correlating cargo size and weight. Inaccurate classifications due to human error can mean the difference between profit and loss. Cargo Spectre’s dimensioners remove this uncertainty by providing freight owners with precisely accurate measurements, resulting in a stark reduction in chargebacks.

2. Efficiency and Speed
Cargo Spectre’s dimensioning systems are not just accurate—they are remarkably fast. Warehouses can accurately process higher cargo volumes without delays, verifying dimensions and identifying freight that requires reclassification almost instantaneously.

3. Reduced Disputes
Discrepancies in freight dimensions can lead to disputes between carriers and shippers. With Cargo Spectre, shippers have data-backed evidence to dispute any additional reclass fees, leading to fewer customer disputes and smoother business operations.

4. Automation and Integration
Cargo Spectre is designed to integrate seamlessly into existing operational frameworks. The dimensioners can effortlessly communicate with warehouse management systems (WMS) and transportation management systems (TMS), further solidifying the billing and reclassification process without disrupting the workflow.

5. Easy Data Storage and Retrieval
Cargo Spectre automatically stores all scanned dimensional data in the cloud application or database of your choice. Our team takes pride in offering a one-size-fits-all software solution that allows this data to be stored, accessed, and shared easily around the globe.

6. Carrier Accountability
By using Cargo Spectre’s advanced technology to verify dimensions, freight owners enforce a level of accountability upon carriers to charge appropriately. This practice helps to ensure that future cargo is always properly classified from the start, leading to a more streamlined operation for all parties involved.

Embracing technology like Cargo Spectre’s freight dimensioners is not just about adopting new tools; it’s about safeguarding the revenue streams essential to the longevity and success of freight owners in a competitive marketplace. 

By utilizing the advanced capabilities of Cargo Spectre, shippers can wave goodbye to the losses from dimension discrepancies and welcome a new era of efficiency and profitability. To learn more about how you can protect your revenue with Cargo Spectre’s solutions, contact us today.