Can Cargo Spectre Accurately Measure Irregular Objects?

One of the most consistent challenges for warehouses and carriers is the accurate measurement of freight that is an irregular size or unusual shape. Measuring these objects by hand is a frustrating and painstaking process, and if you ask three different, experienced workers to measure the same irregular freight, they are likely to give you three completely different dimensions. 

No automated dimensioning system could be as smart as a human being. So what hope does Cargo Spectre have of accurately capturing the dimensions of an oddly shaped pallet or package?

Can Cargo Spectre’s A.I.-powered automated dimensioners handle irregular shapes? It’s a question we get from potential customers all the time. Many are surprised to discover that irregular shapes are where our dimensioners really shine! Cargo Spectre customers can dimension any and every regular or irregular-shaped object that can fit inside a warehouse with our industry-leading dimensioning technology.

Although some logistics companies still send an employee out with a tape measure to record the height, width, and length of irregular-shaped freight, this approach is time-consuming and error-prone. Just an inch or so of additional width that appears in pallet after pallet or parcel after parcel can add up to thousands of even millions of dollars’ worth of crippling costs. The more oddly shaped products your operation deals with, the more sense it makes to use automated dimensioning equipment that requires minimal human involvement.

Here’s why: Cargo Spectre uses 3D scanning technology to instantly capture photos and NTEP-certified weights and dims of any freight object, cutting the potential for reclasses on outbound loads. Pallets that are far from perfectly square and parcels that bulge or have curves can prove almost impossible to accurately measure by hand. With Cargo Spectre’s computerized 3D scanning accuracy, you’ll never be penalized for getting the dimensions wrong again. All your reliable, NTEP-certified measurements will be automatically documented on your freight report.

Without these accurate scanned measurements, logistics companies can quickly fall behind. LTL reclassifications occur now more than ever due to carriers’ improved ability to accurately assess space requirements for unusually shaped freight. Equipped with imaging software, some carriers are reclassifying more than half of their LTL shipments. This leads not only to more efficient use of space for the carrier, but increased cost for shippers based on more accurate classifications. 

If our customers are overcharged by a carrier due to reclassification, they are armed with the precise, NTEP-certified weights and dimensions of every piece of freight that left their warehouse. This digital data can be shared instantaneously around the world, eliminating confusion and disagreements over proper classification. 

Best of all, Cargo Spectre is able to offer the same or better NTEP-certified performance as dimensioning systems that cost ten times more than ours! It’s an incredible savings that has made Cargo Spectre the world’s fastest-growing cargo dimensioning solution in the world. 

If your business is ready to ensure that every pallet or parcel is measured accurately in seconds, no matter its shape, then it’s time we talked. Contact us today so we can discuss exactly how Cargo Spectre dimensioners can solve your most frustrating measurement challenges.