Why Cargo Spectre is Perfectly Suited to Optimize Warehouse Logistics

At Cargo Spectre, we take a lot of pride in how easy it is to set up, integrate, and use our freight dimensioning systems. Typically, our clients’ brand-new Cargo Spectre systems are up and running in only a couple of hours and pay for themselves in increased warehouse efficiency in just two months! Because our systems are so fast to install, so easy to use, and so adaptable to all kinds of warehouse software, almost any warehouse operation in the world can achieve the same optimization and efficiency using Cargo Spectre. We’re happy to say that our customer satisfaction rates outperform all of our competitors. 

The reason why is that most competing freight dimensioners are born in a technology lab. Cargo Spectre was born in a warehouse. Our core team has more than 50 years of combined warehouse experience, and we engineered Cargo Spectre to solve the logistics problems we faced in an increasingly digital environment. 

Over the past two decades, we have seen a shift in the demands on the warehousing industry. No longer is good service based on minimum container/trailer utilization, on-time deliveries, or rates. Today’s customer service challenges come in the form of EDIs, APIs, and minimum data delivery times. The largest hurdle to overcome in this shift is the fact these challenges ultimately fall on the shoulders of the warehouse employee to work through. To address these challenges, Cargo Spectre created a dimensioning system that speeds up this warehouse effort while keeping accuracy and reliability running at optimum levels.

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Because we have such in-depth experience working in warehouses and helping international freight forwarding companies optimize their operations, our assistance often does not end with selling our clients a Cargo Spectre pallet or parcel dimensioner. We help clients all over the planet engineer newer, more efficient ways to manage the flow of freight through their warehouse facilities. We provide general warehouse management consulting services to clients throughout the entire logistics chain so that we can take the lessons we’ve learned in our decades of industry experience and apply them to fresh challenges across many different marketplaces. 

Is your organization looking for deep knowledge that can help you reduce costs and increase your profit margins? Cargo Spectre can help. Even if you use dimensioners manufactured by our competitors, we can still help you optimize your warehouse operations. Contact us today and tell us about your unique challenges. We’ll give you a free initial consultation and go to work on a strategy to solve them quickly and efficiently.