The Top 5 Ways Automated Dimensioning Boosts Shippers’ Bottom Line

There’s a good reason why Cargo Spectre is an international leader in logistics technology. We add proven, bankable benefits to our clients’ balance sheets. Our automated cargo weighing and dimensioning products offer shippers the opportunity to realize substantial, overnight process improvements and savings.

With the demand for shipping and logistics higher than ever before around the world, automated efficiency isn’t a luxury—it’s a total necessity if you want to succeed. Cargo Spectre helps our clients optimize every inch of space in every container, truck, and warehouse, because we’ve proven that every inch counts when it comes to turning a profit. These are the five bottom-line benefits that our clients who switch from manual dimensioning to customized, automatic dimensioning with Cargo Spectre love the most: 

  1. Reduce Re-Bills and Quote Adjustments
    Cargo Spectre’s A.I. machine-learning automation allows shippers to refute any carrier re-measures with their very own NTEP-certified dimensions, saved automatically to the cloud or hard drive of your choice. Because our dimensioners are integrated with a scale, re-weighs and re-classes become a thing of the past overnight. For many high-volume shippers, these savings alone are enough reason to make the switch to Cargo Spectre.
  2. Reduce Time and Money Spent On Billing Disputes
    Too many shippers spend hours resolving their billing disputes with carriers. That’s not a productive use of your time and money. With Cargo Spectre automated dimensioning technology, you’ll be able to instantly prove the exact weight, condition, and dimensions of your cargo when it enters and exits your custody. You’ll be amazed at how disputes seem to disappear! Stop haggling over billing and start spending that time and money on more important things.
  3. Reduce Labor and Increase Efficiency
    There’s no question why so many shippers still collect and calculate freight data by hand. It’s the traditional method, and many shippers trust human beings more than machines. But the simple truth is that our machines are much faster and much, much more accurate and reliable than any human being who has ever lived. Human limitations when it comes to measuring and calculating cost shippers millions each year. Cargo Spectre dimensioners do everything automatically in just a few seconds, saving untold time and labor every day.
  4. Collect More on Damage Claims
    Cargo Spectre dimensioners automatically capture any piece of cargo’s dimensions, photograph, and weight in just seconds. This data is instantly stored in the cloud or the database of your choosing. This record gives shippers irrefutable evidence of every shipment’s condition before it’s sent for transport. This documentation has proven to clear up any questions regarding who’s at fault for damages.
  5. Negotiate Better Rates
    Cargo Spectre’s groundbreaking dimensioning system automatically collects and stores weight, dimension, and photo data for every pallet or parcel scanned, which is priceless information to have at your disposal when negotiating shipping rates with a carrier. With all your data readily accessible and shareable, there’s less guesswork and less risk for carriers. That means more accurate quotes and lower shipping rates.

If you’re ready to explore how high these and other benefits of Cargo Spectre automated dimensioning systems can boost your bottom line, contact us today. Our logistics experts are standing by to help you calculate just how much time and money your organization can save with the help of reliable, affordable dimensioning technology. No matter your industry or budget, we can create a customized dimensioning solution for you.