How Our Monthly Dimensioner Subscription Pricing Saves You Money

Monthly Pricing for Dimensioner

Cargo Spectre’s industry-best A.I. machine-learning innovation offers a number of advantages over competing freight dimensioner systems. The most obvious advantage, of course, is the price. Cargo Spectre’s pallet and parcel dimensioning systems cost hundreds of thousands of dollars LESS than our competitors. In fact, our advanced technology allows us to provide the most effective and affordable freight dimensioning systems in the world. 

The Cargo Spectre Difference 

Our nearest competitors charge customers up to $100,000 to build and install a customized freight dimensioning solution. That’s a lot of money! By contrast, Cargo Spectre costs only $6,000 to get set up. That means choosing Cargo Spectre allows customers to save $94,000 over the competition in just the first year while adding advanced, A.I. automation to their arsenal. 

Pallet Dimensioner Startup Costs

Our competitors require their customers to invest heavily in equipment up front. Cargo Spectre charges less up front. We require only a one-time upfront cost of $6,000 for the equipment, installation, and training. After that, Cargo Spectre utilizes a monthly billing model, so you won’t need to make a big investment up front to get up and running with our freight dimensioner systems. Simply pay one, all-inclusive $600 monthly fee for as long as you need our system. 

Plug-and-play Hardware

Cargo Spectre’s advanced software doesn’t require custom hardware to excel. We use common electronics components that can quickly and easily be replaced or shipped all over the world without the help of a technician. 


Our competitors’ systems come with a three-year warranty, which means that after three years, maintenance can become a huge expense. We offer 24/7 support and warranty included with your $600 monthly subscription fee. 

Monthly Dimensioner Costs Based on 5 Year Amortization

One Size Fits All

Unlike the other guys, Cargo Spectre doesn’t charge customers more based on the size of their operation. No matter the size of your warehouse or the volume of your freight, large or small, we can handle it all with only two products.

Pay As You Go

Upfront capital expenditure is not an easy or efficient way to invest in technology. With Cargo Spectre, all you’ll pay is $600 every month—the industry’s lowest barrier of entry to get you up and running. When you no longer need Cargo Spectre’s freight dimensioner, then you don’t have to keep paying—simple! 

Total Dimensioner Costs after 5 Years

The Industry’s Best Price

Our industry-best pricing is Cargo Spectre’s biggest competitive advantage. Our machine-learning software innovations have made us a global leader in the industry, and we serve clients all over the world for less. Contact us today for more information on how you can add the power of A.I. freight scanning to your operation for only $600 a month.