Cargo Spectre’s Easy Plug-and-play Integration

You already know Cargo Spectre’s automated dimensioners measure the weight and volume of freight, including pallets, parcels, and cargo. Using non-proprietary scales, cameras, and 3D scanners, our innovative systems allow our customers to optimize a pricing model based on dimensional weight (or dim weight) instead of total weight hauled. With unprecedented speed and efficiency, Cargo Spectre saves our customers valuable time and money.

What many people searching for dimensioning solutions don’t know is just how easily Cargo Spectre integrates with their existing supply-chain management software. 

Our team of software engineers works with clients around the globe to assist with fast, smooth setup of our 3D dimensioner systems. Cargo Spectre’s pallet and parcel dimensioner systems take only hours to set up and completely transform the efficiency of warehouse operations. No matter what backend management software you’re using—even if it’s outdated—we give our clients the tools they need to connect quickly and securely. We work with clients all the time to help them integrate Cargo Spectre with custom warehouse software. 

Over the years, though, we’ve also worked with logistics clients to set automated dimensioning systems up using some of the most common and popular supply chain management software in the world. Now, we have plug-and-play software integration tools for the following programs and more: 

If your organization uses one of these supply chain management software suites, integrating with Cargo Spectre’s automated dimensioning systems couldn’t be easier. We already have the APIs ready to install. The process takes only hours. You can begin dimensioning, weighing, and photographic freight the same day our dimensioning hardware arrives at your facility. 

Let’s talk about how Cargo Spectre integrates with your organization’s supply chain management software. Contact us today at and one of our software experts will contact you directly to go over all of the integration options at your disposal. We can even recommend a supply chain management software package for you.