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How Our Monthly Dimensioner Subscription Pricing Saves You Money

Cargo Spectre’s industry-best A.I. machine-learning innovation offers a number of advantages over competing freight dimensioner systems. The most obvious advantage, of course, is the price. Cargo Spectre’s pallet and parcel dimensioning systems cost hundreds of thousands of dollars LESS than our competitors. In fact, our advanced technology allows us to provide the most effective and […]

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Why Cargo Spectre is Perfectly Suited to Optimize Warehouse Logistics

At Cargo Spectre, we take a lot of pride in how easy it is to set up, integrate, and use our freight dimensioning systems. Typically, our clients’ brand-new Cargo Spectre systems are up and running in only a couple of hours and pay for themselves in increased warehouse efficiency in just two months! Because our […]

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Cargo Spectre’s Easy Plug-and-play Integration

You already know Cargo Spectre’s automated dimensioners measure the weight and volume of freight, including pallets, parcels, and cargo. Using non-proprietary scales, cameras, and 3D scanners, our innovative systems allow our customers to optimize a pricing model based on dimensional weight (or dim weight) instead of total weight hauled. With unprecedented speed and efficiency, Cargo […]

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