Yes, Cargo Spectre Dimensioners Can Be Mounted Over Wrapping Machines

wrapping machine dimensioner

If you’ve done your research on Cargo Spectre automated freight dimensioners, you already know that our A.I.-powered scanners deliver perfect DIM weights for odd-shaped items, damaged or leaning pallets, and even cargo with reflective surfaces. But can Cargo Spectre still produce NTEP-certified measurements for freight that is wrapped in reflective plastic? Can our 3D dimensioners be mounted anywhere—even directly over a wrapping machine?

Yes, Cargo Spectre dimensioners can be mounted over wrapping machines! Shiny and reflective plastic poses no issue whatsoever to the accuracy of our systems. Cargo Spectre can be mounted over a wrapping machine or any other piece of equipment in your warehouse and still outperform the competition for less.

Here’s why: Cargo Spectre’s advanced machine-learning systems accurately record freight dimensions fast using just one, stationary, time of flight (ToF) scanner. As a result, Cargo Spectre requires far less space and time than the obsolete laser scanners used in other dimensioning systems. 

Cargo Spectre’s sensor emits a light signal, which hits the subject (like a pallet or parcel) and returns to the sensor. The time it takes to bounce back is then measured and provides depth-mapping capabilities. This provides a huge advantage over other technologies such as lasers, as it can accurately measure multiple distances in a much larger area with a single light pulse. As a result, reflective surfaces, obstacles, and protrusions pose no difficulty to our systems. 

By mounting Cargo Spectre directly over a wrapping machine, our clients can eliminate handling of cargo between dimensioning and wrapping. That means there’s less chance of damage before wrapping is completed! 

Thanks to the next-level flexibility our cutting-edge technology offers our clients, Cargo Spectre can be mounted over plastic-wrapping machines, industrial scales, flatbed trucks, shelving, conveyors, or even a bare, uneven patch of dirt. Installation and mounting of our systems is so foolproof that it won’t take our technicians more than a day to get you all set up. After that, the NTEP-certified scanner can be triggered with a weight sensor, a barcode scan, or the single click of a button.

Not sure if Cargo Spectre dimensioners are right for your business? We believe in our next-generation dimensioning technology, and we are happy to arrange a demonstration of its capabilities. Let’s get started! Contact us today to set up a demo.