How Are Cargo Spectre Automated Dimensioners Used for Air Freight?

Air cargo dimensioning

As a worldwide leader in the freight dimensioning industry, it’s a question we here at Cargo Spectre receive often: Can Cargo Spectre’s automated dimensioners be used for air freight? The answer is absolutely! We have many happy clients in the global air freight industry who enjoy the benefits of our dimensioners, including accurate load plans leading to on-time departures. By accurately mapping each pallet’s bulge or protrusion in three dimensions, large or small, Cargo Spectre helps air carriers maximize their revenues.

Dimensional weight, also known as volumetric weight, is a unit of measure that’s been adopted worldwide by the transportation industry to account for the space occupied by cargo in the hold of an aircraft. Pricing according to dim weights protects carriers from catastrophic losses that could occur on low weight, high volume cargo if freight were only charged by gross weight. 

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That’s why Cargo Spectre’s automated dimensioning systems are PERFECT for air freight. Our innovative, A.I. freight dimensioner systems can help air carriers around the world save time, money, and labor by automatically capturing and storing freight dimensions, gross weight, and photo images in only seconds. Irregular-sized items, black plastic wrapping, and even damage pose no obstacle to our systems. Cargo Spectre delivers a perfect max cube for every pallet or item, every time. 

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In the U.S., there are two primary means of calculating dimensional weight for air cargo: international and domestic. The international calculation differs primarily to account for the difference in operating costs for long-distance international flights versus domestic flights. The two different air freight calculations are as follows:Domestic Air Freight (inches): (Length x Width x Height) / 194
International Air Freight (inches): (Length x Width x Height) / 166 The 194 or 166 denominator is what is referred to as the dim factor.

For example, international shipping on a standard 48 in. x 40 in. x 60 in. pallet weighing 300 pounds would be charged at a dimensional rate of 694 pounds: (48 x 40 x 60) / 166.

Cargo Spectre’s NTEP-certified measurements make calculating these dim factors effortless and instantaneous, free from the costly possibility of human error. Best of all, the hardware for a Cargo Spectre automated dimensioning system costs less than $4,000 and can be set up in as little as one hour. We’re able to offer the same or better NTEP-certified performance as dimensioning systems that cost ten times more than ours! It’s an incredible savings that has made Cargo Spectre the world’s fastest-growing cargo dimensioning solution. 

Cargo Spectre’s automated dimensioning has proven to add up to 6%–12% more cube, especially on shrink-wrapped cargo, cargo with bulges and protrusions, and all other irregular objects that are difficult or impossible to precisely measure by hand. Carriers who are still hand dimming instead of using Cargo Spectre are leaving money on the table!

So, can Cargo Spectre’s automated dimensioners be used for air freight? Yes, they absolutely can, and we highly recommend them to all air carriers! If your air freight business is ready to stop losing money on useless gross weights and inaccurate dim factors, contact us today. Our team of logistics experts is standing by to provide a cost-efficient solution to your specific needs!