How Automated Dimensioners Shift the Cost of Inefficient Packaging from Carriers to Shippers

For LTL freight carriers, nothing is more wasteful than inefficient packaging. It wastes trees to make excess cardboard for packages that are too big for products being transported. It wastes space on trailers in an era when trucking capacity is stagnant. And it wastes fuel for extra trucks to move those excessively large packages. The only way to combat this waste is with dimensional pricing. That’s where Cargo Spectre comes in. We make dimensional pricing easy and cost-effective for any carrier. 

Sometimes referred to as “volumetric pricing,” pricing based on dimensional weight (or dim weight) has been the standard in air freight shipments for years. Thanks to automated dimensioning technologies like the ones developed by Cargo Spectre, dimensional pricing moved into small package ground as recently as 2007. At that time, UPS and FedEx began to apply dim weight pricing to packages larger than three cubic feet. Dim weight pricing now applies to all ground packages in the U.S. and Canada regardless of size.

The explosive growth of e-commerce and the impact it has had on the freight delivery business makes Cargo Spectre a much-needed option for carriers worldwide. e-commerce shippers are very inefficient. In fact, the typical e-commerce package is composed of 40 percent air and filler, leaving over-the-road trailers extremely light. While many trailers can haul more than 45,000 pounds, many LTL carriers struggle to reach 25,000 pounds in a trailer.

Billing by weight gives shippers no incentive to make operations more efficient. Instead, the inefficiency gets passed along to the carrier. By implementing dim weight pricing, carriers can turn the tables and pushed the inefficiency penalty back to the shipper. Following implementation, efficient shippers will see no changes in their shipping costs. Those who ship lots of filler and air, however, will experience dramatic cost increases until they adapt.

Cargo Spectre’s automated machine-learning system uses 3D scanners to calculate a pallet’s dimensional weight instantly. At the same time, it photographs and weights the freight, giving carriers a complete data set that can be used to pack a trailer or container more efficiently than ever before—and price each pallet according to dimensional weight, not its actual weight. With Cargo Spectre, carriers can also save by reducing personnel and labor and eliminating time wasted on normal human error and work pace. 

If you’re ready to boost your operation’s efficiency dramatically and shift the costs associated with inefficient packaging on to the shippers, contact Cargo Spectre today. Our automated dimensioning systems install quickly and easily for an initial investment of only $6,000. Our systems typically pay for themselves in one month or less. Our technology can be integrated into virtually any logistics software very quickly, and we serve clients in North America, Europe, Africa, and around the world. Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can make your operation more efficient.