Better Data is the Key to Solving Logistics Challenges


Smart warehouse management system.Worker hands holding tablet on blurred warehouse as background

Now more than ever, data is critical to success in the logistics industry. With customers now expecting immediate delivery of parcels and products of all kinds despite a worldwide supply-chain slowdown, the industry has been overstressed by an increase in demand worldwide. Finding quality labor has never been more difficult. With all these challenges, the only solution is  better, more accurate data that can be shared instantaneously.


An Industry Leader in Logistics Data Solutions

Cargo Spectre is proud to be an industry leader promoting better and more accurate data in logistics. It all starts with the dimensioner software that comes standard with the purchase of each of our dimensioning systems. Our hardware interface is capable of capturing accurate, reliable data on the size, weight, and dimensions of pallets and parcels of all shapes, even if they’re wrapped in black plastic. The data collected with each scan can be applied to an analog output such as a printer, or collected in the cloud for easy sharing and retrieval across multiple locations. This standard functionality of our software makes organizing and analyzing your warehouse’s data easy. Simple API Integrations with nearly any logistics software on the planet combined with custom, user-defined data fields make inputting and organizing accurate data on every piece of cargo that comes through your door effortless and instantaneous. Best of all, our software also supports remote capture interface for tablets, meaning your team will never have to be tied down to a computer workstation again.

Better Data = Faster Logistics Solutions

Why does Cargo Spectre place such a high value on collecting accurate, reliable digital data? Speed. In the logistics industry, time is money. That’s why we strive to save our clients as much time as we possibly can. From system setup to reliable data capture to simple and easy data sharing, Cargo Spectre places a premium on making things happen quickly. No longer do our clients need to worry about wasting time on manual measuring, organizing information, dealing with damage claims, or other frustrations. Our dimensioning systems make it fast and easy to collect, organize, share and check dim weights for freight and cargo of all sizes and shapes.


If you’d like to see Cargo Spectre’s dimensioners and software in action, we can arrange a test drive! Contact us today for a free consultation on your weeds and will be happy to discuss custom Solutions. No matter what your logistics problem may be, from staffing to shelf space, we can help solve it with smarter data solutions.