4 Steps to Eliminating Your LTL Reweighs and Reclasses

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Eliminating LTL reweighs and reclasses is one of the primary reasons that shipping broker companies inquire about Cargo Spectre. Due to a high volume of inaccurate and misrepresented freight dimensions and weights, many shippers end up wasting far too much time and money on reweighs or reclasses demanded by carriers. Cargo Spectre provides an easy, affordable solution to this problem in just four steps!

Cargo Spectre is a fast, automated weighing and dimensioning system that improves accuracy and eliminates costly reclasses reweighs overnight. We work with each client to reduce human error and increase the speed and reliability of freight dimensions and weights, beginning with a custom consultation on their needs.

Here are the 4 steps to eliminating your LTL reweighs and reclasses:

  1. Eliminate human error from your dims.

Warehouse personnel measuring each pallet or parcel with a tape measure is not only slow, but prone to inevitable human errors. Often, different tape measures do not even provide consistent measurements between them! These imperfect instruments, operated by imperfect humans, produce imprecise results that can cost your business plenty. Cargo Spectre eliminates human error by completely automating the dimensioning process, greatly reducing time spent on measurements and taking human fallibility out of the equation. All dims recorded by Cargo Spectre are NTEP-certified for accuracy.

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  1. Increase the speed and accuracy of your weights.

Precise weights of pallets must be recorded in order to calculate accurate freight classes. Once again, Cargo Spectre’s automated systems eliminate human error and provide NTEP-certified weights in mere seconds—faster than any human being. Our precision scales record weights to our clients’ database of choice and can be easily shared, virtually erasing the need for reweighs. 

  1. Calculate your freight class.

Once Cargo Spectre has instantly calculated your NTEP-certified dimensions and weight, you can use a freight density calculator to calculate your freight class based on the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC). Ensuring you have the most accurate NMFC code and class can reduce your freight costs down the road by helping you avoid costly reweighs and reclasses. 

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  1. Fight back against reweighs and reclasses.

If a carrier disputes your freight class or demands a reweighs, Cargo Spectre ensures that you will have easily shareable NTEP-certified measurements to fall back on. Each measurement is automatically recorded (along with two photos!) in an electronic database for easy retrieval and sharing. Due to the accurate, shareable NTEP-certified weights provided automatically by our systems, Cargo Spectre clients can rely on consistent, reliable measurements to successfully contest carriers who insist on costly reweighs.

Save Money by Eliminating Your LTL Reweighs and Reclasses

Saving time and money by eliminating reweighs and reclasses is a primary goal for many of our clients. The best-in-class affordability of the Cargo Spectre’s Parcel Spectre and Pallet Spectre systems is key to achieving this goal affordably. We offer highly affordable options compared to our competitors’ systems, which can cost $50,000 or more. 

Are you ready for the world’s most affordable solution to costly reweighs and reclasses? Let’s get started! Contact us today for a free consultation on your needs.