The Rise of Reclassification Charges

One of the most common complaints Cargo Spectre hears from our customers is that LTL carriers repeatedly send them invoices for shipments that are double the amount of their original LTL freight quotes. Usually, the culprit is reclass fees. 

Almost all LTL freight carriers use the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) system to design their pricing structures for transporting LTL freight shipments. There are a total of 18 NMFC freight classes, ranging from class 50 up to class 500. Shipments at class 50 are the least expensive to ship, while shipments at class 500 are the most expensive. 

Reclassification can quickly crush a shipper’s bottom line. If your shipment is in transit and gets inspected by a carrier, you may receive an invoice after delivery with additional fees resulting from the reclass and inspection of your shipment. When you receive a freight invoice for more than the original LTL freight quote you were provided by your logistics company, you can’t go back to your customer and ask for more—it would ruin your relationship! Instead, you absorb the cost of that reclass fee. A profit soon becomes a loss. 

There are all kinds of reasons for a reclass. Some of the most common include:

  • Sag 
  • Tension 
  • Freight not perfectly horizontal or vertical while measuring 
  • Temperature 
  • Manufacturing defect
  • Incorrect zero reading

LTL reclassifications occur now more than ever due to carriers’ improved ability to accurately assess space requirements for unusually shaped freight. Equipped with imaging software, some carriers are reclassifying more than half of their LTL shipments. This leads not only to more efficient use of space for the carrier, but increased cost for shippers based on more accurate classifications. 

Cargo Spectre helps eliminate reclass fees by providing shippers with the same, verifiable imaging that carriers rely on. Our advanced A.I. dimensioners instantly and automatically produce NTEP-certified images and DIM-weight data to establish reliable freight condition records. This not only eliminates human error from data collection, but also allows shippers to capture, store, and share valuable data in seconds, not minutes.

Cargo Spectre helps shipping companies across the globe eliminate carrier reclasses and protect their profits. If our customers are overcharged by a carrier due to reclassification, they are armed with the precise, NTEP-certified weights and dimensions of every piece of freight that left their warehouse. This digital data can be shared instantaneously around the world, eliminating confusion and disagreements over proper classification. 

Using depth sensors, our Pallet Spectre pallet dimensioner can measure and record every detail of your palletized freight instantly. Bulging freight, uneven or leaning pallets, and even damaged freight scanned by our system will not affect Cargo Spectre’s ability to deliver an accurate cube every time. Each Pallet Spectre dimensioner is capable of dimensioning, weighing, and photographing any pallet or object in just seconds.

Best of all, we’re able to offer the same or better NTEP-certified performance as dimensioning systems that cost ten times more than ours! It’s an incredible savings that has made Cargo Spectre the world’s fastest-growing cargo dimensioning solution in the world. 

If your business is ready to ensure that reclass fees never costs your business another penny, contact us today. Our warehouse automation experts are standing by to provide a free consultation on your dimensioning needs!