Easy Pallet Optimization with Cargo Spectre Dimensioners

Pallet optimization is critical to efficient logistics management. Packages and other cargo boxes are either stackable or non stackable, depending on their content. Pallet optimization means getting the maximum possible cargo stacked on a single pallet skid, leading to more efficient and cost-effective shipping. This is achieved by pallet optimization softwares, but for a software to give correct output, it requires accurate dimensions of each individual box going on the pallet skid. 

That’s where Cargo Spectre comes in.

In the past, measurements for pallet optimization were typically collected by hand, then typed into pallet optimization software by warehouse staff. This slow, costly process was rife with human error, with frequent imprecise or flat-out wrong measurements ruining optimization calculations and wasting precious time and money. Cargo Spectre dimensioners changed all that by capturing NTEP-certified DIM weights and measurements in mere seconds and instantly importing the data directly into shippers’ software of choice. 

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Suddenly, pallet optimization became a fast, accurate, and invaluable process to shippers both large and small. 

Getting Started with Pallet Optimization

Cargo Spectre makes getting started with modern, precise pallet optimization easy. Our dimensioners can be mounted over scales, wrapping machines, and conveyor systems to accommodate any warehouse throughput system and keep freight moving efficiently in and out of your facility. Setup time of our 3D dimensioner systems takes less than a day, and there’s no upfront capital investment required—only a monthly subscription fee.

What sets Cargo Spectre dimensioners apart from our competitors is that our systems easily integrate with all warehouse management software, including pallet optimization platforms. Cargo Spectre seamlessly integrates into your existing programs in minutes, without requiring the days and weeks competing systems need.

Revolutionize Your Warehouse Throughput

Pallet optimization is only one of the ways Cargo Spectre adds value to logistics businesses. By using automation to streamline operations and analytics to connect data end to end, our industry-leading dimensioning technology speeds up warehouse throughput dramatically. Automating manual tasks, such as pallet and parcel dimensioning, reduces errors, duplication, and rework to boost employee productivity. As a result, businesses can quickly respond to peaks and troughs in both supply and demand.

Cargo Spectre’s cutting-edge, machine-learning cubing and weighing equipment automatically collects and stores data that can be shared and analyzed in real time, closing the shipping loop across the supply chain. This automated data gives our clients the ability to move cargo without delays. Inaccurate data collected manually can lead to unnecessary slowdowns, audit fees, and hold times that cost time and money. Cargo Spectre eliminates these risks. 

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With Cargo Spectre, downtime is never a concern. All our system components and equipment are covered by a five-year warranty—a first in our industry! If your scanning system needs repair or replacement, our technical team is always standing by to ensure that you experience the least amount of downtime possible at no additional cost to you. That means our automated dimensioning system will require zero maintenance costs and little to no downtime for at least the first five years of operation, even if you operate the system 24/7 with a high volume of freight. 

Want to see how Cargo Spectre makes pallet optimization easy and fool-proof? Contact us today for a free demonstration! We’ll show you exactly how our dimensioning systems connect to your existing software and improve your processes. Give us a call today!