Solve Warehouse Staffing Shortages with Cargo Spectre

Even in the best of times, finding great, reliable warehouse talent is an ongoing challenge. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, those challenges have only been compounded. Even as the industry experiences unprecedented shipping volumes worldwide, sick leave, social distancing, and no-shows have forced many warehouses to make do with fewer staff despite the growing demand for labor. 

For many in the sector, finding good, qualified warehouses workers is no longer the problem. Finding ANYONE to show up and do the job consistently has become a problem! 

Fortunately, it’s a problem that Cargo Spectre can help with. Our machine-learning automation tools allow our clients to do more with fewer personnel. Here’s how: 

Cargo Spectre automated dimensioners increase the speed of throughput in the freight receiving process in a way that no amount of human workers can by automatically capturing and storing freight dimensions, weight, and images in only seconds. Even a large labor force of manual dimensioners can’t match the instant dims that our systems capture and record. In fact, many of our clients discover that Cargo Spectre allows their team to more than double their warehouse throughput with only half the staff. 

The benefits of Cargo Spectre go far beyond labor, however. Our automated dimensioners are also orders of magnitude more accurate and reliable than even your best warehouse workers. Cargo Spectre can instantly calculate the cube of even odd-sized pallets and parcels without any human error. Even better, Cargo Spectre never calls in sick, gives notice of resignation, or asks for a raise. These machines never even need a coffee break. Our automated dimensioning systems can run 24/7, 365 days a year, recording a perfect cube every time. 

The unfortunate reality is that any human being who is making an hourly salary can become complacent and fail to care about the accuracy of their data as much as they should sometimes. Our systems never get tired or complacent. Cargo Spectre performs the same consistent job every time. No matter how big or small your warehouse team is, no matter how experienced or inexperienced they may be, their speed and accuracy will increase exponentially using Cargo Spectre. 

If you’re ready to do more with fewer workers, it’s time we talked. Cargo Spectre can help a small, dedicated warehouse team to more accurately dimension the same volume of cargo as an army or workers. Let us introduce you to a new employee you can depend on every day for years and years to come!