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The First, Affordable Step to Full Warehouse Automation

Warehouse automation is the future of the global logistics industry, the time to embrace this coming evolution is now, not soon. As logistics operations grow in size and complexity, the effectiveness of new technology solutions—and fulfillment in general—rests on the availability of accurate data.  AI, optics, and even drones have vastly improved in recent years, […]

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5 Simple Warehouse Hacks for Automated Efficiency

These days, it’s tough for a warehouse to keep up with customer demands and expectations. The Cargo Spectre team talks every day with logistics companies that are interested in adding warehouse automation to their tool chests in order to deliver products faster, maximize warehouse space, and reduce costs, among other benefits. Most aren’t sure where […]

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Deploy and Manage a Global Dimensioning Program from One Chair

Cargo Spectre is known across the global logistics industry for our industry-leading freight dimensioning technology and affordable pricing. The game-changing benefits of our systems go far beyond the affordability of our advanced 3D scanning equipment, however. Cargo Spectre gives every client a digital dashboard that allows you to view and control a global dimensioning and […]

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