The Rise Of Dimensional LTL Pricing

Dimensional LTL Pricing

Late last year, a major carrier began a dimensional LTL pricing pilot program. This household name in logistics is only the latest to try figuring the space a shipment takes up in the back of a truck into quotes to its customers, in addition to weight and shipping speed.

This pilot program is part of a shift the logistics industry is currently experiencing worldwide. The carrier will base the shipping price on the dimensional weight or actual weight of the package, whichever is greater. In the U.S., this system is poised to replace an outdated system that rated freight based on the product itself, not necessarily packaging. The costs associated with today’s unprecedented shipping demand essentially necessitate the change. 

Unfortunately, not everyone has quite caught up to the changes just yet. The carrier does not control packaging; this shipper does. In the past, shippers that kept packaging limited and avoided unnecessary bulk effectively subsidized those who did not.

Dimensional pricing is changing that, and fast. Instead of paying for the actual weight of freight, shippers should be paying for how much space and work is required to move the shipment. Dimensional pricing ensures that LTL carriers around the world can now charge accordingly. Any freight that is paid for using outdated pricing models will be prone to reclass fees.

Eliminating LTL reweighs and reclasses is one of the main reasons why freight brokers and shippers  inquire about Cargo Spectre. Due to a high volume of inaccurate and misrepresented freight dimensions and weights, many shippers end up wasting far too much time and money on reweighs or reclasses demanded by LTL carriers who have switched to dimensional pricing.

Cargo Spectre’s automated dimensioning systems make calculating freight dims a breeze for shippers. Any parcel or pallet can be instantly weighed, photographed and measured more accurately than any human could achieve automatically. 

The data generated by Cargo Spectre gives shippers the ammo they need to fight back against reweighs and reclasses. If a carrier disputes your freight class or demands a reweigh, Cargo Spectre ensures that you will have easily shareable NTEP-certified measurements to fall back on. Each freight measurement is automatically recorded (along with three photos!) in an electronic database for easy retrieval and sharing. 

Thanks to the accurate, shareable NTEP-certified weights provided automatically by our systems, Cargo Spectre clients can rely on consistent, reliable measurements to successfully contest carriers who insist on costly reweighs. Our goal is to make it easy for shippers to keep up with the global shift to dimensional pricing in the LTL sector. The key to achieving this goal is affordability! We offer highly affordable options compared to competing dimensioner systems, which can cost a whopping $50,000 or more! 

Want to know more about how we make automated dimensioning more affordable than ever before for freight brokers and shippers around the world? Contact us! We’ll even give you a free, on-site demonstration of our systems so you can see for yourself exactly how much time and money Cargo Spectre can save you.