Deploy and Manage a Global Dimensioning Program from One Chair

Cargo Spectre is known across the global logistics industry for our industry-leading freight dimensioning technology and affordable pricing. The game-changing benefits of our systems go far beyond the affordability of our advanced 3D scanning equipment, however. Cargo Spectre gives every client a digital dashboard that allows you to view and control a global dimensioning and weighing program from one chair. 

Our unique software adds powerful data capture and analysis tools to any device. From desktop computers to tablets and even smartphones, Cargo Spectre software seamlessly integrates with your existing warehouse platform. That means you can view, capture, and share DIMs, weights, and photographs of every pallet and parcel coming in or out of your warehouses using any device, anywhere in the world. Best of all, Cargo Spectre software seamlessly integrates with your existing warehouse platform. 

Controlling worldwide weighing and dimensioning operations has never been easier! 

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Unprecedented Cloud Storage & Analytics Portal

Every Cargo Spectre subscriber gets a cloud storage and analytics solution that provides a management-level overview of all freight scanned by their organization’s dimensioners. Users can monitor freight data in any warehouse from any internet connection in the world. This groundbreaking data management solution makes all your freight DIMs accessible, organized, and searchable from anywhere using any device. 

Cargo Spectre Advantages:

  • Universal software compatibility
  • Custom data fields
  • Worldwide data sync 
  • Real-time machine and site analytics

Cargo Spectre’s powerful software dashboard gives each of our clients around the world unprecedented capabilities far beyond those offered by our competitors. Most importantly, it comes FREE with the purchase of any Cargo Spectre dimensioning system. Our software is easily compatible with any warehouse management software you prefer. It’s a single solution for any logistics operation! 

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Technically challenged? No worries. Cargo Spectre offers free, 24/7 support to every single client, 365 days a year. Anytime you have a question or a problem, we’ll be there to help you. 

If you’re ready to learn more about how Cargo Spectre can streamline your freight throughput with easy-to-use software, don’t wait. Contact us now for a free demonstration!