How Cargo Spectre Dimensioners Boost Warehouse Throughput

Cargo Spectre Dimensioners Boost Warehouse Throughput

In the warehouse, time is money. That’s why Cargo Spectre designed our industry-best weighing and dimensioning systems to boost warehouse throughput, no matter the type of freight being measured. 

From Day 1, our goal has been making faster, more efficient freight consolidation possible in warehouses around the world. Cargo Spectre used non-proprietary parts to create sophisticated dimensioners designed to eliminate time, costs, and errors from freight operations.

Today, our  innovative freight dimensioner systems help warehouses around the world save time, money, and labor by increasing throughput in the freight receiving process, capturing photos to insulate freight from damage claims, and obtaining and distributing NTEP-certified weights and dims in seconds, eliminating the potential for reclasses on outbound loads. 

Speed is the foundation of our success. Cargo Spectre systems can record freight photos, dims, and weights many times faster than any human being can. Cargo Spectre can instantly calculate the cube of any freight, including odd-sized pallets and parcels. Even a large labor force of manual dimensioners with tape measures can’t match the instant dims that our systems capture and record. In fact, many of our clients discover that Cargo Spectre allows their team to more than double their warehouse throughput with only half the staff. 

Speed and accuracy are not the only advantages of automation, of course. Unlike your human employees, Cargo Spectre can run in your warehouse 24/7/365 without ever needing so much as a water break, recording a perfect cube every time. Cargo Spectre never quits, never gets sick, and never takes a holiday. 

Even once your dims, weights, and photos are captured, Cargo Spectre continues to streamline and speed up processes. The data collected with each scan can be instantly sent to an analog output such as a printer, or collected in the cloud for easy sharing and retrieval across multiple locations. Dims from any warehouse location can be immediately shared with shippers or customers.

Faster dimensioning that produces perfect accuracy 24/7 that can instantly be shared around the world—that’s how Cargo Spectre increases warehouse throughput overnight. No longer do our clients need to worry about wasting time on manual measuring, organizing information, dealing with damage claims, or other frustrations. 

Best of all, Cargo Spectre does not require a large, upfront investment. Our equipment comprises off-the-shelf, non-proprietary hardware that is affordable on any budget. We only ask for a one-time upfront cost of $6,000 that includes equipment, installation, and training. Our software requires only a $500 per month subscription fee to use, and that includes unlimited tech support.

If you’re ready to boost your warehouse throughput, contact us today. Our warehouse operations experts are standing by to recommend a custom dimensioning solution tailored to your organization’s specific needs!