The First, Affordable Step to Full Warehouse Automation

Warehouse automation drone

Warehouse automation is the future of the global logistics industry, the time to embrace this coming evolution is now, not soon. As logistics operations grow in size and complexity, the effectiveness of new technology solutions—and fulfillment in general—rests on the availability of accurate data. 

AI, optics, and even drones have vastly improved in recent years, and that trend isn’t reversing. Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), goods-to-person systems, automatic storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), and robotic arms are just a few examples of the warehouse equipment that could become standard faster than you realize. These technologies can be used to increase productivity and reduce labor dependency in a variety of warehouse applications, including picking, replenishment, and sortation.

Too many logistics businesses resist automation not because they don’t believe it works, but because it’s so expensive. Cargo Spectre is working to change that by providing an affordable on-ramp to full warehouse automation. We’re doing it with fast, precise freight data.  

Size and dimensional weight of packages (DIM) in your order profile are key data points that guide many operational decisions. When these measurements are wrong, even by just a little, it can quickly crush your ability to implement automation and robotics. For example, if a product size is unknown or incorrect, a robot cannot function properly. Among other problems, missing or incorrect data can cause processing delays, impact storage, and increase shipping costs.

The key to surviving and thriving in the coming era of fully automated warehouses is the ability to capture quality data and interpret it effectively. Thanks to Cargo Spectre, this level of accuracy is low-hanging fruit when it comes to warehouse automation. Unfortunately, a lot of easy value never gets unlocked because warehouse operators can’t imagine that automating anything could be easy.  

One by one, Cargo Spectre changes their minds. 

Cargo Spectre’s automated dimensioners measure the weight and volume of freight—including pallets, parcels, and all other regular and irregular shaped cargo types—with precise accuracy. Measurements are instantaneous and can be triggered with a  barcode scan or a single click, which means fewer workers and labor hours are needed to do the same job. Each freight measurement is automatically recorded (along with three photos!) in your database of choice for easy retrieval and sharing. 

More importantly, perhaps, is that we offer highly affordable freight data system options compared to competing dimensioner systems, which can cost a whopping $50,000 or more! 

If you’re ready to take the first, affordable step toward complete warehouse automation, let us help you collect NTEP-certified freight data in seconds. Contact us for a free consultation on your dimensioning needs. No operation is too big or too small!