How Cargo Spectre Ushers in the Age of the Shipper

age of the shipper

The 2020s aren’t even halfway over yet, but a lot has happened already with the promise of plenty more craziness to come. When we look back at this decade someday, people will argue whether or not this was the Age of Streaming or the Age of A.I. Well, from where we are positioned here in the logistics industry, the 2020s are undoubtedly the Age of the Shipper!

The shipping pallets and parcels of goods hit a new level in the past few years. Every warehouse in the world has felt this shift in consumer habits. There is no logistics company out there right now that isn’t trying everything it can to move freight in and out of the warehouse faster and get more delivered to customers sooner.

That certainly includes shippers, who are doing more business now than ever before. The shippers we work with every day here at Cargo Spectre want three things: to negotiate the best shipping rate possible, to eliminate costly invoicing errors and miscommunication, and to build strong relationships with their carriers based on trust. 

Cargo Spectre was founded in part to help shippers achieve these goals—and it all starts with affordable automation

Cargo Spectre provides affordable, automated dimensioning and weighing systems for pallet and parcel freight around the world. Offering NTEP-certified weights and measures, Cargo Spectre’s software can be seamlessly integrated with any backend or cloud-hosted application and can be installed in less than an hour. 

How does that help shippers? Well, Cargo Spectre helps shippers eliminate nasty invoice surprises by providing fast, accurate shipment data to carriers. As a result, shippers’ invoices match their original carrier quotes and both shipper and carrier benefit. Shippers also use Cargo Spectre to get better shipping rates: When carriers don’t have shipment data up front, they price in risk to ensure they won’t lose money. With Cargo Spectre, they’ll never worry about the NTEP-certified data shippers give them. That’s the kind of repeatable interaction that builds trust. 

Cargo Spectre’s automated dimensioners measure the weight and volume of all freight with precise accuracy. Using non-proprietary scales, cameras, and 3D scanners, our innovative systems allow our customers to optimize a pricing model based on dimensional weight (or dim weight) instead of total weight hauled. Measurements are instantaneous and can be triggered with a  barcode scan or a single click, which means fewer workers and labor hours are needed to do the same job.

Cargo Spectre dimensioners can be mounted over or near wrapping machines, conveyors, carts, or any other equipment you happen to have in your warehouse. Our technicians will ensure that nothing interferes with your freight data. Even if something goes wrong, our 24/7 support team will always be available to help get your freight moving again. 

Did we mention that our systems also cost thousands of dollars less than the competition? Chalk that up as another win for shippers! 

If your business is ready to take its place in the Age of the Shipper, contact us. Our team of logistics experts is standing by to give you a free consultation on your freight data needs. Let’s talk about how much money and time you could save!