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Cargo Spectre Offers Out-of-the-box Integration with SmartKargo ERP Software

HOUSTON—Cargo Spectre, a leading innovator in the global freight dimensioning industry, offers out-of-the-box integration of its freight-data systems with SmartKargo, one of the air-freight industry’s most powerful cargo management solutions. Using sophisticated APIs, Cargo Spectre integrates seamlessly with a wide variety of freight management softwares, including SmartKargo. Users can remotely control Cargo Spectre automated dimensioner […]

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5 Simple Warehouse Hacks for Automated Efficiency

These days, it’s tough for a warehouse to keep up with customer demands and expectations. The Cargo Spectre team talks every day with logistics companies that are interested in adding warehouse automation to their tool chests in order to deliver products faster, maximize warehouse space, and reduce costs, among other benefits. Most aren’t sure where […]

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