Prepare Now for Holiday Shipping Insanity with Affordable Automation

Can you feel it in the air? 2022’s end-of-year holidays are drawing close, promising the biggest shipping volumes of the year. If you aren’t seeing an uptick yet, you will! All of us in the logistics industry understand that the most wonderful time of the year means a hell of a lot of work keeping up with demand for shipping, storing, and forwarding freight. 

Is your operation ready for high consumer demand during Christmas, Hanukkah, and all of the other year-end holiday festivals worldwide? For many, that readiness requires temporary workers and increased labor hours to get the job done. That could be a tricky proposition in our current global economy! 

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Fortunately, Cargo Spectre can help ease the burden. Our automated freight-dimensioning technology is the most cost-efficient solution to the annual upswing in freight shipping, receiving, and warehousing. We help shippers, carriers, and warehouses around the world dramatically increase throughput and accuracy in less time with less staff. 

Holiday Shipping Automation

Automation is the key. Cargo Spectre’s automated dimensioners measure the weight and volume of freight—including pallets, parcels, and all other regular and irregular shaped cargo types —with precise accuracy. Using non-proprietary scales, cameras, and 3D scanners, our innovative systems allow our customers to optimize a pricing model based on dimensional weight (or dim weight) instead of total weight hauled. Measurements are instantaneous and can be triggered with a  barcode scan or a single click, which means fewer workers and labor hours are needed to do the same job—no temporary employees required! 

During the holiday season, every inch of space in your trucks, containers, or warehouse counts that much more. Having precise dimensions makes packing shipping containers more efficient and eliminates repacks and pricing inaccuracies. In this way, our pallet and parcel dimensioner systems completely transform the efficiency of warehouse operations. No matter what backend management software you’re using, Cargo Spectre gives you the tools you need to store data quickly and securely in the cloud or server of your choice and transfer it seamlessly to your ERP, TMS, or WMS system.

Start Preparing Now

Because we know the holiday rush is coming fast, Cargo Spectre automated dimensioning systems can be up and running in only a couple of hours. If you install Cargo Spectre now, your systems will have already paid for themselves in increased warehouse efficiency by the time the holidays are over! 

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If you’re ready to squeeze more value out of fewer employees this holiday season, let’s talk. Cargo Spectre is standing by to reduce and optimize your pallet and parcel measurement teams with cost-efficient automation technology. Contact us today for a free consultation on your needs.