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How Cargo Spectre Helps Warehouses Manage Inventory in the E-commerce Boom

As the global pandemic of 2020 devastates entire economic sectors around the globe, some industries are turning out to be more fortunate than others. The coronavirus has changed practically everything, including the way people shop. As brick-and-mortar retailers struggle in the midst of lockdowns and social distancing, quarantining has cleared the way for a surge […]

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How Our Monthly Dimensioner Subscription Pricing Saves You Money

Cargo Spectre’s industry-best A.I. machine-learning innovation offers a number of advantages over competing freight dimensioner systems. The most obvious advantage, of course, is the price. Cargo Spectre’s pallet and parcel dimensioning systems cost hundreds of thousands of dollars LESS than our competitors. In fact, our advanced technology allows us to provide the most effective and […]

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Why Cargo Spectre is the World’s Smartest Freight Dimensioning System

What makes Cargo Spectre more advanced and user-friendly than our competitors? Our proprietary dimensioning software. Our thoroughly tested machine-learning software is accurate to .5 inches and is able to automatically deduce objects in the foreground and background and separate them from the freight being dimensioned. Because our systems worldwide have been exposed to incredible amounts […]

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