How Cargo Spectre Helps Warehouses Manage Inventory in the E-commerce Boom

As the global pandemic of 2020 devastates entire economic sectors around the globe, some industries are turning out to be more fortunate than others. The coronavirus has changed practically everything, including the way people shop. As brick-and-mortar retailers struggle in the midst of lockdowns and social distancing, quarantining has cleared the way for a surge in online shopping activity, which is keeping warehouse and logistics companies very busy.

Data from ACI Worldwide indicates that e-commerce sales increased by 81 percent in May alone on a year-over-year basis. Such a fast and dramatic upswing in freight shipping, receiving, and warehousing to accommodate the surge in demand is leading many shippers to seek out powerful new solutions to improve the speed and efficiency of their inventory and parcel operations. Many are discovering that the most cost-efficient solution to their challenges is automated parcel dimensioning from Cargo Spectre. 

The numbers we’re hearing from customers are staggering. The number of SKUs warehouses are working with have increased ten fold in 2020. Parcel unit demand is up by 400 percent. These are unprecedented times for e-commerce shippers, and our team is proud to help our customers increase parcel throughput and accuracy in less time with less staff. 

The key to boosting efficiency is our Parcel Spectre system. Using a non-proprietary depth sensor, the Parcel Spectre can identify and record every detail of e-commerce parcels instantly. Our customers can mount the parcel dimensioning system to any table or counter for a static application or mount it to a cart or conveyor belt for a mobile dimensioning application. 

Each Parcel Spectre dimensioner is capable of dimensioning, weighing, and photographing any parcel or object in only a couple of seconds. Offering NTEP-certified weights and measures, Cargo Spectre’s software can be integrated with any backend or cloud-hosted application and can be installed in less than an hour anywhere in the world. 

Using the Parcel Spectre, shipping warehouses can precisely dimension, weigh, photograph, and document every single parcel that enters or leaves the warehouse in seconds. More importantly, each Parcel Spectre system works for only $2 an hour and replace up to half of a warehouse’s freight write-up staff overnight. Parcel Spectre never gets sick, never takes a break, and can run 24 hours a day, seven days a week with more accuracy than any human being. It’s a true game-changer.

Best of all, Parcel Spectre is the most affordable automated dimensioning system in the world. There’s no big upfront investment: With Cargo Spectre, all you’ll pay is $300 every month. That’s the industry’s lowest barrier of entry to get you up and running. When you no longer need Cargo Spectre’s freight dimensioner, then you don’t have to keep paying—simple!

Cargo Spectre’s machine-learning software innovations have made us a cost-effective lifeline for e-commerce shippers struggling to keep up with demand. Contact us today for more information on how you can add fast, accurate A.I. parcel scanning to your operation for only $300 a month.