Why European Freight Carriers are Switching to Cargo Spectre for Dimensioning

Europeans are Switching to Cargo Spectre Dimensioners

As one of the world’s leading innovators in automated dimensioning, Cargo Spectre is privileged to serve customers around the globe. Although our cutting-edge systems were originally developed in response to the demands of the U.S. freight shipping industry, the breakthroughs we’ve made translate well to other markets, too. Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the locations where Cargo Spectre dimensioners are needed most is the continent of Europe. 

Home to many of the world’s most developed shipping economies, Europe nevertheless holds a key disadvantage compared to North American or Asian shipping infrastructures. Unionization and government regulation of the shipping industry is relatively high across Europe, resulting in higher labor costs in the nations there. Often, these labor costs add up to slimmer margins for carriers and warehouses. 


As a consequence, we’ve found that European transportation and logistics businesses are leaner than their international counterparts and looking for any edge they can find over their competitors. Cargo Spectre offers these businesses technology that can do the same job as half of their freight write-up staff while dramatically increasing both speed and accuracy, all for the low cost of just $2 total per hour. It’s an incredible bargain that makes our European clients very happy, indeed! 

As you may already know, Cargo Spectre doesn’t require a large, upfront payment to get started. We are the only automated dimensioning company in the world to offer a monthly subscription model that includes both hardware and software. Our customers are under no contractual obligation—if they find a better or cheaper option than what we offer, they simply stop paying us, no matter how long they’ve been using Cargo Spectre. This substantially reduces the risks all our clients take on. We’re proud to report that, despite the convenience of this no-obligations cancellation policy, not one subscriber has ever elected to leave Cargo Spectre in our history! 

Across Europe, however, many of our clients discover a powerful advantage of their geography: Cargo Spectre is eligible for government technology subsidies in many European nations! That means Cargo Spectre automated dimensioning systems are even more affordable in Europe than they are in North America or Asia. Wunderbar! 

No matter where your LTL or freight company does business, fast, accurate, automated pallet and parcel dimensioning unquestionably gives you an advantage over the competition, and those who are late to adopt this technology may find themselves left behind. More and more carriers in the United Kingdom, Belgium, and elsewhere are coming to the same conclusion. We are proud to help each of them achieve their productivity and accuracy goals. 


If you’d like to know more about how Cargo Spectre assists clients in Europe and around the world increase dimensioning speed, throughput, accuracy, and profitability while reducing costs in time and labor, contact us today. We look forward to meeting you!