How Cargo Spectre Dimensioners Keep International Freight Moving

Among its many disruptions, the COVID-19 pandemic revealed just how fragile the global supply chain we’ve all come to rely upon really is. With ships stacking up at ports and critical components collecting dust in warehouses across the globe, pandemic-related supply-chain slowdown has affected almost every industry in the world in some way.

Of course, no one has felt the pressure more than those of us in the cargo industry. Even at the best of times, moving cargo in and out of multiple nations presents serious challenges to freight efficiency. A European automaker, for example, may require its cars to be shipped piece by piece to a major market such as China in order to avoid high tariffs on assembled vehicles. If even one pallet of parts is delayed due to discrepancies in weight or dimensions, it can cause the automaker’s entire operation to slow down to a crawl until it’s resolved. In some cases, such discrepancies can even result in hefty fines.

Cargo Spectre helps freight companies avoid slowdowns in two important ways. First, our affordable, automated dimensioning systems boost warehouse efficiency. Our innovative freight dimensioner systems help warehouses around the world save time, money, and labor by increasing throughput in the freight receiving process, capturing photos to insulate freight from damage claims, and obtaining and distributing NTEP-certified weights and dims in seconds, eliminating the potential for reclasses on outbound loads. 

Our A.I.-powered dimensioners help our clients avoid international shipping slowdowns in another important way, too. Cargo Spectre systems instantaneously record NTEP-certified weights and dimensions that can immediately be shared up and down the entire supply chain. These recorded dims make declaring goods with customs smoother because the dimensions are both certified as accurate and fully supported by documentation to avoid any delays or fines.

Our systems provide a richer and more robust dataset on each pallet scanned than our competitors’. In addition to the NTEP-certified weights and measures, Cargo Spectre is the only dimensioner to instantly record a precise, augmented-reality cube image for every pallet, in addition to photography. This ensures there is absolutely no question about the dimensions condition of the freight when it was scanned. This data can be shared with anyone you see fit, keeping everyone up and down the supply chain on the same page with regard to precise cargo dimensions at every stop.

By streamlining the international freight shipping process, Cargo Spectre saves our clients not only precious time, but money, also. Our knowledgeable team is standing by now to provide a free consultation on how we can help streamline your operations virtually overnight.