Who Put the Grinch in Charge of the Supply Chain?

Supply chain grinch

As the holiday shopping season commenced in 2021, all too many of us have bumped into the dreaded “supply-chain issues.” This mysterious global phenomenon has been blamed for shortages in everything from chicken wings and pasta to couches and construction materials. Let’s not even discuss toilet paper! For the first time in a very long time, shipping logistics have become a regular, household concern for shoppers around the world. Just who put the Grinch in charge of the supply chain, anyway? 

Most items are, eventually, available, if at a higher price. Over the past year, the Consumer Price Index has risen about five percent—double what it rose in the year before the pandemic began. 

What’s often at the heart of a supply-chain issue is a labor issue. Major ports like Los Angeles and Long Beach are facing a crisis because too many container ships stack up and idle offshore. There aren’t enough dockworkers to unload their cargo, or enough truck drivers to move it out of the ports. Shipping rates have spiked, as well. 

If labor shortages are the reason that so many things just seem to be in the wrong place—a troubling symptom of a supply-chain squeeze—what’s the solution? After all, the just-in-time delivery schedule we’ve all come to rely upon only works if cargo shippers can deliver.

It’s a problem that Cargo Spectre takes pride in helping our clients tackle around the world. Our automated dimensioners allow our clients to do more with fewer personnel.

Our 3D dimensioners increase the speed of throughput in the freight receiving process in a way that human workers simply can’t. Cargo Spectre automatically captures and stores freight dimensions, weight, and images in only seconds—Even a fully staffed labor force of manual dimensioners can’t match the instant dims that our systems capture and record. In fact, many of our clients discover that Cargo Spectre allows their team to more than double their warehouse throughput with only half the staff. 

The benefits of Cargo Spectre don’t end there, either. Our automated dimensioners are also exponentially more accurate and reliable than even your best warehouse workers. Cargo Spectre can instantly calculate the cube of even odd-sized pallets and parcels without any human error. Even better, Cargo Spectre never calls in sick, gives notice of resignation, or asks for a raise. These machines will never mysteriously disappear from the workforce. Instead, our automated dimensioning systems can run 24/7, 365 days a year, recording a perfect cube every time. 

If you’re ready to begin solving the challenges your business faces due to the pandemic-related labor shortage, we’re ready to assist you. Cargo Spectre is the most affordable way to help a small, dedicated warehouse team more accurately dimension the same volume of cargo as an army or workers. Now, that’s what we call holiday magic!