What Software Does Cargo Spectre Require?

Cargo Spectre’s turnkey dimensioning systems makes integration with your warehouse software simple. No matter what kind of software you’re using—old, new, fast, or slow—we make sure that Cargo Spectre works with it seamlessly. We serve customers all over the United States and around the world. There’s no warehouse software on the planet with which our systems are incompatible. 

That’s good news for LTL carriers and other logistics organizations: You don’t have to change your warehouse software solution to capitalize on the benefits of Cargo Spectre. Custom or third-party warehouse software is no problem. We put all the tools in place to make integration easy, and we are always willing to meet with developers to help draft a successful integration plan.

The system can be easily integrated with any software you’re using with our simple to use API at no additional cost.

Cargo Specter’s machine learning software automates many critical warehouse processes, including freight certification and NTEP certification. The dimensioner calculates precise dimensional weight in an instant and even provides an augmented reality image to visually confirm the max volume found. The more pallets or parcels that Cargo Specter scans, the more accurately it measures, allowing carriers to charge by weight and volume more accurately than ever before. 

Best of all, 100 percent of your data is automatically uploaded to the cloud or your local management system. We engineer a software solution that ensures your data will never be lost or corrupted. No matter how you prefer your data to be stored, our team can quickly devise an automated process to make it happen. 

If you’d like to know more about the simple, turnkey warehouse dimensioning solutions Cargo Specter provides, contact us today. With the time and money our clients save by achieving a new level of automated accuracy, our system typically pays for itself in two months.