The Smarter Alternative to Big Capital Expenditures on Dimensioner Technology

Tech is Not Capex

If you’ve been shopping around for the perfect automated dimensioning system for your warehouse or logistics business, you’ve probably already discovered that some of the leading dimensioner technology companies require large, upfront capital expenditures just to get started. At Cargo Spectre, we believe that’s ALWAYS a bad deal for customers—which is why our customers pay less upfront!

Capital expenditure (capex) is not a wise investment when used on technology such as automated dimensioners. Here’s why:


First of all, we could never recommend large capital expenditures that aren’t 100 percent necessary, because all capex is a negative value against income or revenue. It is money leaving your company! They’re a business expense the IRS (and other international taxation entities) won’t let you deduct from your taxes. Instead, your business must recover the expense through time. Why spend that non-deductible money when you don’t have to? Cargo Spectre doesn’t require a big capital expenditure to get up and running with our systems.


More importantly, though, all technology has a limited lifespan. Cargo Spectre is constantly working on new hardware and software innovations that are changing the game in automated dimensioning. Our competitors are hard at work, as well. So, why would you pay tens of thousands of dollars (or more!) upfront for a dimensioning system that could potentially be completely obsolete as soon as NEXT YEAR? It doesn’t make sense to pay all that money for a system you’ll have to pay to upgrade or replace!

Not Supported

When you buy an automated freight dimensioning system from one of Cargo Spectre’s competitors, that’s all you’re getting: the system. Training, tech support, repairs, maintenance, upgrades, new features, and spare parts are NOT included in that gigantic capex price tag you’ll be paying. That means that you’ll actually be paying EVEN MORE money to get your system set up and keep it running! Cargo Spectre will never stick you with additional bills for the training and tech services you need to get the most out of our automated dimensioners.


Unlike every other cargo dimensioning option, Cargo Spectre does not require a large, upfront investment. Our equipment comprises off-the-shelf, non-proprietary hardware that is affordable on any budget. We only ask for a one-time upfront cost of $6,000 that includes equipment, installation, and training. Our software requires only a $500 per month subscription fee to use, and that includes unlimited tech support! It’s incredibly affordable and completely scalable to any warehouse operation, large or small.

Cargo Spectre’s game-changing tech can offer advantages other dimensioning systems can’t:

  • Unprecedented affordability
  • Continuous improvement in accuracy
  • No development team required
  • Shorter wait times for parts/installation
  • Non-proprietary hardware available worldwide
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Monthly cost vs. upfront cost
  • Virtually zero downtime

If you’re ready to make the world’s smartest dimensioning system part of your warehouse team, contact us today. Our warehouse operations experts are standing by to recommend a custom dimensioning solution tailored to your organization’s specific needs.