How Much Faster is Cargo Spectre Than a Human?

Speed is one of the reasons why Cargo Spectre serves customers around the globe. Customers everywhere demand increasing shipping speed, which forces carriers the world over to optimize every aspect of their operation in order to remain competitive. Cargo Spectre delivers value to our logistics and supply-chain customers by helping companies reduce and optimize pallet measurement time.

Our customers choose Cargo Spectre over competing automated dimensioning systems for a number of reasons, including our superior pricing model. But one of our Cargo Spectre’s main competitive differentiators in the speed of setup. We ship our equipment to customers worldwide and provide critical customer support to ensure a smooth transition to automation. When you contact Cargo Spectre, it only takes weeks to complete your transaction and system setup. That’s a timeline competing systems can’t match. Purchase your hardware, mount the system, and activate your monthly license. That’s all it takes to revolutionize the efficiency of your operation.

Once your Cargo Spectre dimensioner is up and running, the speed and efficiency of your cargo data immediately increases dramatically. Our NTEP-certified and patented software platform uses non-proprietary hardware to automatically and simultaneously dimension, weigh, and take pictures of freight and parcels faster than any human being can. The entire process only takes seconds, and the data is automatically stored in the cloud. One pallet dimensioner can perform the same work as half your current freight write-up staff for only $2 an hour. 

Best of all, Cargo Spectre never takes a break, never gets hurt, and never takes time off. Cargo Spectre dimensioners are more accurate than human beings, too. Data entry errors disappear overnight, and dimensioning data can even help you refute damage claims. 

Cargo Spectre can assist freight carriers and logistics operations of all kinds, anywhere in the world. If you’d like to know exactly how much time and money Cargo Spectre can save your organization, contact our customer support team today for a custom quote.