Our Software Revolution in Freight Data Management

Cargo Spectre software

Cargo Spectre’s powerful software dashboard gives each of our clients around the world unprecedented capabilities far beyond those offered by our competitors. Most importantly, it comes FREE with the purchase of any Cargo Spectre dimensioning system. Our software is easily compatible with any warehouse management software you prefer. It’s a single solution for any logistics operation! 

A Freight Data System like No Other

Cargo Spectre’s software is designed with flexibility and functionality in mind. Leveraging advanced Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), our platform ensures a seamless integration process with any Warehouse Management System (WMS). This means that any warehouse or manufacturer can incorporate Cargo Spectre into their existing infrastructure without unnecessary complications or adjustments.

But the capabilities of Cargo Spectre’s software don’t stop there. Our cloud-based digital dashboard allows our dimensioning systems to be managed remotely, giving users the ability to trigger scans from any device, anywhere and anytime. This ensures optimal functionality and constant data acquisition even when personnel aren’t readily available.

24/7 Remote Support and Assistance

In our commitment to offer consistent, high-quality service, we ensure our customers receive around-the-clock remote assistance. Our dedicated support team stands by 24/7 to troubleshoot, assist, and facilitate a seamless freight data management experience for all our users. Our constant commitment to uninterrupted service sets Cargo Spectre apart in the freight dimensioning industry.

Seamless Integration with Other Industry-leading Softwares

The versatility of the Cargo Spectre system shines through in its ability to integrate seamlessly with renowned cloud-based ERP software, such as Acumatica and SmartKargo. This plug-and-play integration capability enhances the system’s flexibility, further simplifying freight data management processes for logistics operations of all kinds.

Optimizing Efficiency

Ultimately, Cargo Spectre has one prominent goal in mind — to boost your warehouse throughput. By offering an affordable and efficient solution for automating data collection and freight dimensioning, we help businesses optimize revenues and increase efficiencies, while simultaneously reducing costs.

Cargo Spectre’s freight data system software is a testament to our commitment to bringing revolutionary change to the freight dimensioning industry. Contact us today to harness the power of automation and AI-powered technology to transform your logistics operations with unmatched convenience and efficiency!