Transport Logistics Takeaways: Why European Carriers are Adopting Automation Faster

Cargo Spectre at Transport Logistic in Munich
Cargo Spectre CEO Jason Joachim, right, with Transport Logistic 2019 attendees in Munich.

Cargo Spectre was thrilled with the opportunity to meet and interact with so many cargo transportation and logistics professionals at the incredible Transport Logistic trade show in Munich, Germany! It was our first overseas conference experience, and it was wonderful to make new acquaintances from Europe and around the world and to learn more about their challenges and successes. 

Without question, we were blown away by the enthusiasm for our dimensioning systems and solutions from visitors who traveled from all over the globe. We received only positive feedback on our next-gen automation technology, low startup costs, and pay-as-you-go financing—especially from our new European contacts. In fact, many of the European professionals we met at Transport Logistic 2019 seemed to be ahead of the curve on warehouse and logistics automation as compared to their North American counterparts. 

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Accurate 3D dimensioning and weight information is captured in seconds.

In the days since the conference, we’ve talked and thought a lot about why that might be. The contacts we made in Munich were in most cases quicker to understand the advantages that Cargo Spectre provides our customers—namely, the industry-leading speed and ease with which our technology captures a complete set of measurements, photos, ID numbers, weights, and other important information about pallets and other freight. Many of the people we met were eager to take part in demonstrations of our systems and ready to move forward with a business relationship right away. In the U.S., warehouse managers, LTL carriers, and freight shippers sometimes want to know quite a bit more before they start getting excited. 

After talking with people in Munich, we believe our systems were an immediate hit in Europe because the market is much more competitive there, with slimmer margins. European transportation and logistics businesses are leaner and looking for any edge they can find over their competitors. When we offer them technology that can do the same job as half of their freight write-up staff while dramatically increasing both speed and accuracy, all for the low cost of just $2 total per hour, they can’t wait to hear more. 

We can streamline North American freight operations just as capably, of course. Some of the U.S. carriers and shippers we talk to are simply a little more comfortable with the current status quo than they are in Europe at the moment. We believe that will change. Innovation driven by machine learning is not slowing down. Fast, accurate, automated pallet and parcel dimensioning unquestionably gives carriers a leg up on the competition, and those who are late to adopt this technology may find themselves left behind. More and more carriers—both in the U.S. and Europe—are coming to the same conclusion.

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We look forward to getting to know our new European contacts better and serving their cargo dimensioning needs, and we take pleasure in forming relationships with U.S. carriers, as well. The future is bright for the cargo industry. Cargo Spectre is proud to help usher in that future. 

If you’d like to know more about how our technology increases dimensioning speed, throughput, accuracy, and profitability while reducing costs in time and labor, contact us today. We look forward to helping solve your challenges!