Cargo Spectre Dimensioning Software Integrates Seamlessly with HAL’s C2C

Cargo Spectra partners with C2C software

HOUSTON—Cargo Spectre, a leading innovator in the global freight dimensioning industry, announced today that its freight-data systems integrate seamlessly with HAL’s C2C, one of the world’s most popular warehouse management softwares. 

Using sophisticated APIs, Cargo Spectre integrates perfectly with C2C at the local level. No matter how many units or personnel C2C clients add, they can remotely control Cargo Spectre automated dimensioner systems from any terminal using the same C2C screens they used before Cargo Spectre was added to their warehouses. 

The only training Cargo Spectre must provide to C2C clients when their dimensioners are added is teaching warehouse staff how to do less. 

“C2C is only one of a multitude of WMS integrations that we offer,” said Cargo Spectre CEO Jason Joachim. “The seamless, plug-and-play experience our software provides helps make Cargo Spectre the the easiest-to-use freight data system in existence, as none of our competitors can match this capability.”

Competing freight data systems’ APIs are far less sophisticated than Cargo Spectre’s. They offer no way to remotely control your machines using your existing warehouse app the way Cargo Spectre does. 

Cargo Spectre maintains a competitive advantage over competing dimensioners that require a variety of software systems in order to operate. Finding the working translation for each version of every product you operate can be a major waste of time and effort for clients. Cargo Spectre’s effortless software integrations eliminate this problem.  

There’s also the issue of cost: Our competitors charge thousands of dollars for software integration. Cargo Spectre’s software integration is always complimentary. 

“We take pride in offering the only dimensioning solution that can integrate fully and easily with a client’s preferred software,” Mr. Joachim said. “Our only goal is to speed up throughput while reducing the learning curve for warehouse workers.”

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About Cargo Spectre

Cargo Spectre automated dimensioner systems make dimming and weighing an exact science by using A.I. machine learning to accurately process and document thousands of pieces of freight a day with no downtime for maintenance. Our API connects effortlessly and seamlessly to the most popular shipping and warehousing softwares in the world and enables our customers to operate our dimensioners and manage their data with ease.

About C2C

Used in more than 320 facilities across six continents, HAL Inc’s C2C material management application is a best practice for material management and 3PLs’ warehouses, field locations, yards, temporary sites, customer facilities, and key route checkpoints the world over. For more information, please visit