Dimensioning Parcels From the Inside Out

As the demand for home-delivered goods continues to rise, many of Cargo Spectre’s warehouse clients are discovering that the capabilities of our Parcel Spectre parcel dimensioner don’t end at determining the cube of shipping boxes. With efficient parcel packing becoming more critical than ever to a business’s bottom line, Cargo Spectre technology is being put to use determining the dimensions of a box needed to ship bundles of merchandise—even odd-sized-or-shaped items. 

Parcel Spectre instantly delivers a flawless cube and weight on the first try, every time. Finally, shippers can pack the perfect, cost-effective parcel using zero brainpower.

Even better, Cargo Spectre makes this process not just possible, but simple and more accurate than any human picker could ever be. The Parcel Spectre collects robust, accurate data in an instant, eliminating the possibility of human error in the measurements. No one who relies on e-commerce shipping has the time to spare on manual dimensioning these days. With Parcel Spectre, you’ll save hours of manpower every single day.

The Parcel Spectre scans any shape up to 30 in. x 30 in. x 30 in. to within half an inch of accuracy with a throughput speed of 500 scans every hour. (For larger items, we offer the Pallet Spectre.) The system never takes a break, never records incorrect data, and never spends more than a moment collecting NTEP-certified dimensions. 

Triggering the Parcel Spectre to begin a scan couldn’t be easier. Workers can trigger a scan using our mobile app, a barcode scanner, API-connected warehouse software, and soon, even a PTZ camera. The scan data is then automatically saved in the cloud or the database of your choice. Our thoroughly tested machine-learning software is even able to automatically deduce unwanted objects and separate them from the freight being dimensioned. Because our systems worldwide have been exposed to incredible amounts of cargo data, our system can recognize and filter people, paper, packing materials, and much more—and it gets smarter every day.

Best of all, Cargo Spectre is able to offer the same or better NTEP-certified performance as dimensioning systems that cost ten times more than ours! It’s an incredible savings that has made Cargo Spectre the world’s fastest-growing cargo dimensioning solution in the world. 

If your business is ready to ensure that every piece of merchandise going into a box (or pallet!) is measured accurately in seconds, no matter its shape, then it’s time we talked. Contact us today so we can discuss exactly how Cargo Spectre dimensioners can affordably solve your most costly measurement challenges.