Cargo Spectre Surpasses 500 Freight Dimensioner Systems in Use

HOUSTONCargo Spectre, a trailblazer in advanced logistics and warehouse automation, announced today that the company now has more than 500 freight dimensioner systems in active usage worldwide. This milestone highlights the company’s rapid growth as a global leader in the freight dimensioning industry, showcasing its continual commitment to breaking down barriers to high-tech solutions with cost-effective and innovative systems. 

Cargo Spectre’s progress has been fuelled by an intersection of advanced machine learning, innovative user-friendly software, and unparalleled affordability. This unique blend empowers logistics professionals across the globe to streamline operations, optimize costs, increase accuracy and efficiency and ultimately move the wheels of global trade smoother and faster.

“This milestone is a testament to Cargo Spectre’s focus and determination to revolutionize the logistics and warehousing industry,” said Cargo Spectre CEO Jason Joachim. “We made a concerted effort to balance advanced technology with simplicity and affordability. Now, more than 500 freight dimensioning systems across the globe are proof of the demand for sophisticated tech that is accessible and beneficial to logistics professionals everywhere.”

Recently, the company has found success with large, international e-commerce brands replacing their older, laser-scanning dimensioners with Cargo Spectre’s faster, infrared freight-scanning technology. Part of the systems’ appeal is Cargo Spectre’s monthly service contract that guarantees customers’ systems will always be up to date and online, as opposed to other systems that require a large, upfront investment in technology that inevitably becomes outdated and difficult to maintain. This obsolescence happens faster and faster as technology advances.

Cargo Spectre’s mission includes the elimination of barriers such as high costs and technical complexity from logistics firms aspiring to use high-end dimensioning systems. Cargo Spectre’s offerings are not only propelling the company to new heights, but they’re also transforming the way freight data is captured, analyzed, and utilized by hundreds of clients across five continents.

“We’re just getting started,” Mr. Joachim said. “The future of logistics is now, and Cargo Spectre is delivering it.”

About Cargo Spectre
Cargo Spectre is a Houston-based company that provides automated freight dimensioning and AI-powered logistics software solutions. Driven by a mission to make high-tech solutions accessible to all, Cargo Spectre is paving the way for the future of logistics and warehouse automation by making what was once complicated, simple and what was once expensive, affordable. For more information, please visit