Connected Data: The Future of 3D Dimensioning

If you know anything about Cargo Spectre’s automated dimensioning systems, you know that our equipment and software can save businesses time, money, and labor in the warehouse by instantly and precisely measuring the dim weights of freight parcels and pallets. What many in the shipping and warehousing community don’t yet fully understand, however, is just how 3D dimensioning is changing the future outlook of their industry.

The team of innovators at Cargo Spectre is helping to ensure that automated cubing and weighing data will soon impact freight commerce far beyond traditional applications, such as maximizing available space in trucks and warehouses. Increasingly, our customers are realizing the value in having connected data at the shipment location and across the supply chain.

Using Cargo Spectre’s cutting-edge, machine-learning cubing and weighing equipment to automatically collect data closes the shipping loop across the supply chain. This real-time information goes far beyond a package’s status. It becomes part of predictive analytics and reduces uncertainty in the supply chain, eliminating what-ifs and the potential for inefficiencies.

In this way, the data collected automatically on every parcel and pallet by Cargo Spectre is valuable far beyond its immediate use. By immediately feeding this information into our customers’ databases of choice, dimensional data can aid other processes from the beginning of the supply chain to the end. The full impact of this information on industry-wide applications is only beginning to be understood. In many cases, the shipper, warehouse, carrier, and recipient of freight will all have access to the same real-time data on freight cube, weight, and condition throughout the shipping process.

In the immediate future, Cargo Spectre’s dimensioning equipment will also help to drive changes in how parcels and pallets are handled. Our equipment already interfaces with warehousing and shipping systems using artificial intelligence. This data can be used to optimize and streamline loading processes and maximizing floor space.

In the meantime, automated dimensioning will simply be a prerequisite to keep up with demand. Driven largely by Amazon, e-commerce volumes will continue to increase rapidly until those without cutting-edge scanning technology simply will not be able to keep up.

Businesses who realize the value of the dimensional data provided by Cargo Spectre are well-positioned to thrive as the future of freight automation is realized. Those who don’t may find themselves left behind. If your organization is ready to prepare for the future of the cargo industry, it’s time we talked. 

Contact the friendly team of experts at Cargo Spectre today. We can engineer a fully customizable automated dimensioning solution for your business that is more adaptable and less costly than others on the marketplace. Let us help to future-proof your operations!