Cargo Spectre’s 5 Year Warranty: What Can it Save You?

Cargo Spectre is proud to lead the freight-scanning industry in a number of categories, including speed, accuracy, and price. Our advanced machine-learning systems offer many advantages over competing scanning solutions, but one that is easily overlooked before purchase is our industry-leading warranty. 

All Cargo Spectre system components and equipment are covered by a five-year warranty. If your scanning system needs repair or replacement, our technical team is always standing by to ensure that you experience the least amount of downtime possible at no additional cost to you. 

Our industry-leading warranty includes hardware maintenance and replacement service for any Cargo Spectre parts that are causing a slowdown in your facility. If the sensors in your system need replacement over time or computer hardware starts to go bad, we’ll repair or replace it quickly at no charge to you.

The main benefit of this industry-leading warranty to our customers is that your Cargo Spectre automated dimensioning system will experience little to no downtime for at least the first five years of operation, even if you operate the system 24/7 with a high volume of freight. The warranty also makes any maintenance costs for those five years completely predictable (as in zero), enabling your staff to plan your budget more effectively. Any new features we roll out within five years of your purchase will be included throughout the lifetime of your warranty.

Our clients love our warranty because it eliminates downtime, eliminates maintenance costs, improves system reliability, makes budgeting easier, and ensures the product quality that any customer should expect. These potential savings can easily add up to tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of our warranty compared to the costs racked up by our competitors over the same period. 

We even offer a warranty for our month-to-month clients, as well! Want to know if it lasts for a shorter or longer period than our after-purchase warranty? Contact us today for all the details. You might be surprised by how much you can save!