Cargo Spectre: The Easy Way to Integrate Dimensioners with HAL, Inc. Logistics Software

Cargo Spectre HAL, Inc. integration

Cargo Spectre integrates with any warehouse software, but we recently sat down with Russell Parkin of HAL, Inc. to discuss why they prefer Cargo Specter as an integration partner. The entire shipping and logistics industry is adopting automated dimensioning as a business essential. It’s a process that Russell is watching unfold in real time. Used in more than 320 facilities across six continents, HAL Inc’s C2C material management application is a best practice for material management and 3PLs’ warehouses, field locations, yards, temporary sites, customer facilities, and key route checkpoints the world over. With such a commanding market presence, HAL Inc. is called upon to help its customers integrate logistics software with almost every kind of freight dimensioner imaginable. 

For easy integration, HAL Inc. Russell Parkin recommends his customers choose Cargo Spectre dimensioners. 

“Connectivity—finding the correct translation for the correct version of the dimensioner product—is the most common software integration challenge our customers face,” Mr. Parkin says. “If the software integration is not easy and seamless, the product will not be used.” 

Simple connectivity is a hallmark of Cargo Spectre’s products. We can quickly integrate with any logistics software, and HAL Inc’s C2C material management application has been integrated with Cargo Spectre since 2017. The company’s customers love the industry-best ease and overall speed of Cargo Spectre’s integration with HAL Inc.’s application because it speeds up warehouse operations.  

Just as importantly, our automatic integration with C2C requires no user input of freight whatsoever. Free of human interaction, the data transmitted to your C2C material management application will be immune to human error, elevating your operations to a new level of efficiency.

Cargo Spectre maintains a competitive advantage over other dimensioners like Freight Snap and Cubiscan thanks to a very convenient innovation. Our competitors each offer a number of machines that require a variety of software systems in order to operate. Finding the working translation for each version of every product you operate can be a major waste of time and effort. 

Cargo Spectre makes dimensioner integration with HAL Inc’s C2C material management application fast and easy because we use just one, standardized format to transmit all data across our entire product line. 

This is an ideal solution for most modern logistics software systems, but we know there are a lot of legacy systems still in use, as well. We support any and all logistics softwares using other formats that are still standardized. Additionally, our versioning does not affect these formats, nor the different classes of products you might be using. When your system integrates with Cargo Spectre for the first time, you will achieve plug-and-play compatibility with every product we make. You will enjoy this benefit immediately if you use HAL Inc.’s C2C material management application! 

Thanks to our close partnership, even when HAL Inc. makes changes or updates to the C2C application, the ease of integration with Cargo Spectre remains unaffected. It’s a perfect match! 

If you’re looking for an automated dimensioning solution to pair up with HAL Inc’s C2C material management application, you won’t find a better dimensioner than Cargo Spectre. Our equipment comprises off-the-shelf, non-proprietary hardware that is affordable on any budget. We only ask for a one-time upfront cost of around $6,000 that includes equipment, installation, and training. After that, our software requires only a low monthly subscription fee to use, and that includes unlimited tech support! It’s incredibly affordable and completely scalable to any warehouse operation, large or small. 

We’re standing by to recommend a custom dimensioning solution tailored to your organization’s specific software needs.