Cargo Spectre Partners with CubiDat to Provide Freight Dimensioning Systems in Europe and Beyond

Cutting-edge, automated dimensioners capture freight measurements in seconds.

Cargo Spectre and CubiDat

Cargo Spectre™, a Texas-based leader in the automated freight-dimensioning sector, today announced a strategic partnership with CubiDat® to expand its global presence to new international markets.

CubiDat is a European integrator for automatic freight measuring systems. Cargo Spectre is one of the world’s top provider of freight measuring hardware and software. The strategic alliance of these two innovators in the high-tech field of automated cubing, weighing, and documentation systems promises huge benefits for the global transportation and logistics industry.

“CubiDat has deep contacts in overseas markets, and moving forward we will share product development, sales and marketing resources in Europe and beyond,” said Cargo Spectre CEO Jason Joachim. “Combining our service and support efforts allows us to provide shippers, carriers and warehouses cutting-edge products with local, personalized customer service”

Innovative Cargo Spectre and CubiDat® products will be combined in new, even more effective dimensioning solutions for users in both the private and public sectors. Strategic emphasis will be placed on designing and developing state-of-the-art cubing systems for distribution and transportation applications overseas clients.

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About Cargo Spectre
Cargo Spectre automated dimensioner systems use A.I machine learning to accurately process and document thousands of pieces of freight a day with no downtime for maintenance. Our API connects effortlessly to some of the largest shipping and warehousing software providers in the world and enables our customers to operate our dimensioners and manage their data with ease.

About CubiDat
Since 2011, CubiDat has been a leading specialist in the field of pallet dimensioning and contouring devices, offering the most advanced range of products in the industry. The company delivers data that adds value to clients logistics operations around the globe. The company maintains an international network of suppliers with locations in Australia, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United States.