5 Signs It’s Time to Automate Dimensioning

Optimizing and automating the pallet dimensioning process is a rapidly developing method to increase efficiency for LTL carriers and other logistics organizations. In order to stay competitive, companies around the world are now using pallet dimensioning solutions from Cargo Spectre to save themselves time, money, and aggravation. Are you interested in adding fast, accurate dimensioning to your operations? Here are five important indicators that it may be time to give us a call.

1. You’re tired of the guesswork.

In today’s high-velocity distribution centers, there’s no room for estimation. That’s particularly true when it comes to the size and weight of products stored and handled on site. Having accurate weight and dimensional data can help you calculate outbound shipping costs correctly and charge customer accurately.

2. You want to make smarter decisions.

Instantaneously calculating a pallet or parcel’s cube and weight can and should influence decisions about slotting, storage location for putaway and picking, and repacking and containerization for shipping. If you collect that data at the point of receipt with Cargo Spectre, then it’s available for each and every one of those decision points—easily accessible anywhere via the cloud.

3. You need more efficient loads.

Not only can dimensional and weight data help with building efficient pallets, it can help with building more profitable loads for trailers and other conveyances. Whether an operation is shipping full pallets, cases, irregularly shaped products, or a mix of all of the above, Cargo Spectre can feed the data into shipping, warehousing, or load building software, which then determines how to load the truck to make the best use of space while staying within weight limits.

4. You’re ready to provide a new level of customer service.

Good service includes providing customers with good data. By passing along dimensional data on your products, you give customers the opportunity to use that information to streamline their own operations. Plus, if you charge for shipping, you can boost your credibility with customers by including the relevant dimensional and weight data on invoices. That way, they can be assured they’re being charged appropriately for freight.

5. You don’t have a sophisticated data management solution already.

Cargo Spectre’s custom software can quickly and easily replace your existing data management solution. Our installation technicians can have virtually any logistics organization up and running with Cargo Spectre without building a custom interface with your system. No matter what data management software or system you currently use, we can offer same-day installation and integration with our automated dimensioning technology. Best of all, our subscription-based software costs thousands of dollars less than the competition.

Adding Cargo Spectre to your team doesn’t require a major financial commitment. Our machine-learning sensor hardware typically pays for itself after a month of use. The software subscription costs only $2 per day. We’re proud to offer our customers an incredible return on investment each and every time. When you’re ready to talk about dimensioning solutions customized for your unique operation, contact Cargo Spectre for a free quote.