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Testing on the Cargo Spectre system was started in 2015. Developed at first to solve a problem for one business, we immediately saw a larger need in the industry to produce a dimensioning system that would be just as accurate as its competitors, and more cost effective. By coupling patented software with easy to find hardware, we were able

to produce a system that is easy to source parts for, as reliable and accurate as other dimensioning systems in the industry, is cost effective enough for any sized business to consider, and can be deployed and installed anywhere in the world in 1 hour.

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We have over 100 systems in operation. Our systems can be found in over 6 countries spread out on 3 continents. Our customers range from small third party warehouses to large air freight operations.

Day in and day out our systems process and document thousands of pieces of freight with no downtime for maintenance and consistently reliable dimensions. Our API hooks to some of the largest shipping and warehousing software providers in the world and enables our customers to operate the machine and manage their data with ease.

Why are we so much more affordable?

The hardware for a Cargo Spectre system can be purchased for less than $2000 and can be set up in 1 hour. Since the system is completely software based, remote support is easy to perform on a large scale with minimal overhead. A non proprietary hardware platform allows our customers to customize every system to their specific needs and deploy them fast anywhere the world. Our completely USA based development staff is able to move quickly and cost effectively on custom developments and our support team is available around the clock to ensure your systems will be operational and dimensioning effectively at all times. Our test facility located in Houston, Texas constantly vets the dimensioning capability, speed, and stability of the system to ensure a quality product is being delivered to you every time you scan.

Cost Savings

Easy to Setup

Limitless customization

Support 24/7/365