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Learn more about Cargo Spectre’s features.


With an arsenal of features Cargo Spectre is the most cost effective system
for freight documentation on the market. Reduce damage claims and overhead
and increase receiving times and information in a snap using our patented dimensioning
and weighing software.


Using inexpensive gaming sensors, Cargo Spectre can scan and dimension any object, up to 84x84x72 inches to a half inch of accuracy, and receive the data instantly. The system can interpret volume along with the length, width, and height specifications, making it ideal for any palletized freight shipping, air, rail or parcel operation.


Cargo Spectre has been engineered to capture the dimensions of the desired object, and filter out unwanted surrounding matter, even when still in the sensor’s view. Whereas other, more expensive devices require a three-foot negative space around the object it is dimensioning, Cargo Spectre requires only 12 inches. This not only saves the time of continuously clearing the scan area, but relieves safety concerns as well. No more having forklift traffic jams on the line.


Cargo Spectre comes ready to plug and play with any USB scale,. Simply position your scale underneath the sensors, plug in the usb cable, and calibrate. You are ready to retrieve NTEP certified weights on everything cargo spectre snaps. All weights meet SOLAS container weight VGM requirements


Cargo Spectre can be programed to capture multiple pictures, from any angle. Attach up to 4 additional cameras and begin taking high definition, color pictures. HD pictures can be taken in tandem with weights and dimensions with one click.


Using any mobile device, Cargo Spectre can be controlled remotely. You can scan objects using the app, while on the go or on your forklift. Using our app, you can remotely control multiple cargo spectres from one device. Simply open up the “devices” panel, select the cargo spectre you want to use, and hit scan.


Cargo Spectre captures the object specification, and can export the information in a number of ways. Our product is the first of its kind that is software driven, making it compatible with any existing software. You can use our existing interface, or create your own within your company’s existing software, and export the freight data to a barcode, database, spreadsheet, and several other modes.


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